Heinrich Heine and the “Platen affair”

Here’s an interesting piece by Robert Seidel in Areo looking at the nasty dispute between the poets Heinrich Heine and August Graf von Platen as a kind of “blog war” from a modern, “intersectional” perspective. This towards the end:

The Platen affair is more than just an example of the ways in which great artists can be fallible people. It reminds us of an inconvenient truth: minorities can discriminate against each other. Heine and Platen both belonged to oppressed groups, yet they used this fact to viciously attack each other. While it’s always tricky to make out an author’s true opinion in a satirical piece, it seems clear that they both harboured genuinely bigoted sentiments: Platen was antisemitic and Heine homophobic. And yet each felt morally superior to the other.

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